Saturday, February 12, 2011

Drakes Casting Call - The Teen Titans

In my last post I discussed the casting of the movie "The Teen Titans." There have been many versions of this fabled team. The casting I am going to do is going to be a casting of the main original team. They will encompass the late teens early twenties. Below I have their names as well as their names when they were the younger teen titans for those who may not know.

Red Arrow(Speedy)
Changeling (Beast Boy)
Troia (Wonder Girl)
The Flash (Kid Flash)
Tempest (Aqualad)

For the villain I chose to select a character whom originated from the Teen Titans series and has build into one of the more renowned villains in the DC Universe. That of Deathstroke.

If you do not know any of these characters then feel free to do some research. There is plenty out there.

Let’s get to the casting, shall we?

Nightwing(Robin) -Ian Somerhalder

Red Arrow(Speedy) -Chad Micheal Murray

Raven -Natalie Portman

Starfire -Megan Fox

Cyborg -Taye Diggs

Changeling (Beast Boy) -Shia Labeouf

Troia (Wonder Girl) -Anne Hathaway

Flash (Kid Flash) -Dustin Milligan

Tempest (Aqualad) -Adam Gregory

And Finally

Deathstroke -Adam Baldwin


The goal was simple, find actors that could play the part and looked the part, yet weren't on the "A" list of actors that everyone knows all the time. And they had to be younger. It should be pointed out that were I to cast a Justice League Movie. (which I will be doing this week) I do not believe I would cast the same Flash. Mostly due to the difference it time age and character role.

This is entirely against my love for continuity. But in that same note I doubt I would recast Christian Bale in a Batman role for the Justice League, even though I was a large supporter for him as Batman. So I hope you enjoy this casting call. They are Opinions and no ones opinions are exactly the same. I am free to people suggestion alternate castings and hell you may even change my mind. Thanks for reading and until next time. Have a good one.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Casting - The Teen Titans

My next project is a challenging one. Casting  The Teen Titans

Before anyone attempts to cast a movie such as "The Teen Titans" they need to first understand exactly what they are casting. They need to know not only characters, interaction and timeline to an extent, but also who will fill what role and who gets how much screen time. You have to know which characters and where in that characters life you will be casting them. Group/Team superhero movies are not that easy to make. You have to follow a singular storyline while at the same time giving a story for each character.

In my casting call I took into thought a few things. First, if I were making a movie, obviously it wouldn't be very linear to other DC movies. Not that we have alot of options at this point. Mostly because the Batman movies will never have a Robin. This movie would have to allow for the characters to have had to reflect, sort of as how they once were a team for the opening. Much like the new hulk goes over his history in the first few seconds of the film. Enough to give us a guidline or understanding.
The "Teen Titans" were the trainees of the most famous superheros known. When they were kids they formed a team called "The teen Titans" in my casting it would be that now they have split up and aren't kids anymore. Something brings them together. Simple enough no need for details at this time. We have established who will be in it, (The Somewhat Orginal Teen Titans) how old they are, (in their 20's) and whats going on.

Like I said you have to establish which characters aand where in their life they are. So stick around here to find out who I pick for the team and who I pick to play them.

Next Drakes Casting Call - The Teen Titans!

Time Again

Well with all that is current in media including Podcasts. I have decided to bring this Blog To life. I would say bring it back to life. However only having one official post that I haven't deleted still up means this Blog never really went anywhere.

At any rate. I look forward to doing more casting calls and hope people reading give me things they would like to see me cast as time moves on.

Also I will be planning on doing reviews on Movies and Games as well.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Casting Call - Highlander Reboot

When I heard that Summit entertainment was going to be rebooting the Highlander Franchize with full blessing from David Panzer. (Producer of all things Highlander) The Writers from Fast and Furious and Iron man will be working on the Script and is under way. I myself have thougt that it is my civic duty as an avid Highlander fan.. even the bad ones to throw in my twenty cents as to whom should be cast. This will kickoff my Casting Call series as my first public Casting Call. Lets first go over some of the key characters you may remember.

Connor MacLeod-
Brenda Wyatt-
The Kurgan-

Yes there are many other great characters, but these are the ones that I am casting. Along with two cameo Characters which I will mention later. Now without further delay, my casting.. with Pictures..

Connor MacLeod- Thomas Jane

Brenda Wyatt- Eva Green

The Kurgan- Robert Knepper

Ramirez- Liam Neesan

Heather- Elisha Cuthbert

What reboot wouldnt be complete without honoring people from teh original? Yes I know Duncan wasn't in the original, but hey he is a big part of the franchise. And these roles fit them well.

Angus Macleod- Christopher Lambert (guest appearance)

Dugal Macleod – Adrian Paul (guest appearance)

Casting Call Purpose.

I have a fairly wide variety of actor Knowledge and movie knowledge. And in the past I have done Casting Calls for peoples roleplaying games, comic books and other things. Just in more of a private Forum. However here, I will be doing "Casting Calls" for people in a public venue. People are free to make suggestions also. Anywhere from Movie remakes, to comic books, to anything you can really think of. Well as long as I can do some research so I knwo what to base my decisions off of.

The First One, The Highlander Remake. Curently the Writers of Iron Man are working on a Remake of the Original Highlander Movie. So I figured I would cast it as my first test run on this Blog.